The powerful force of She - Springfield, Missouri Portrait Photographer


Of all the families I have the honor of documenting year after year, every family has one common feature; a strong female lead. 

First a friend, then wife, later a mother. These might seem like mere classifications that link together many women who share a similar history, putting them in a box - but I feel this goes deeper with this group. 

Yes, I have come to realize over the years that each of these families has a powerful force of SHE. The determination of one of Meryl Streep’s many characters, coupled with the compassion of Mother Teresa. 

As I slip into their lives year after year to document their many, many roles, they have taught me so much more about life on an incomparable scale. 

Each is her own humanitarian, showered in compassionate empathy, all knowing understanding, and sensitive consideration for the good of her own family. I’ve watched them love their husbands unconditionally, raise extremely good-natured children, and still wear an organic beauty that I can only mention as indescribable to a mere on-looker. 

They wear their many roles, like motherhood for one, as an eloquent and unpresuming badge of honor. I watch with speechless reverie that I can one day be more like them, harnessing the effortless grace I have come to know each one of them for, in her own way.

Dinara might kill me for posting this snapshot from last night at her family session, but it spoke to me in the way I can say is only true to her and the incredible individual who I have come to know over the years in assembled clips like this. Thank you for inviting me to capture your family last night and to all my clients who have become so much more - I’m forever changed by you.

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